Hilongos Week 21

I get the pictures in the emails just awesome! I love google! (Myldsmail has upgraded to google servers now...) Your hair is VERY long now! :O

Mom and Dad~
I love you :)

WOW! You sound SO happy and perky! Ahhh I'm so happy your life is so goooood! :D

I finally saw your fianche's picture! About my mission photo album, we had a crisis this week where a member accidentally gave a virus to my memory card so most of my pictures got deleted! =O But my companions have back ups of other photos, so it's only the really recent ones that were LOST FOREVER! Where are you going to school? What are you life plans now?! Your bridal shower was on the same that that Julius, our investigator was baptised! ;P But we were 16 or so hours ahead.

Tomorrow is zone conference. It's in Sogod chapel again. Waaa! I love zone conferences.~

My birthday was this week! I told the zone leaders so they came over for lunch and we took pictures. (But they were lost. So I told S. Malicdem that we have to have another party to take pictures again. ;) ) The elders brought dorian, a smelly fruit here in the Philippines. It looks like a spikefish, but more smelly and it grows on trees. He said it "Smells like hell, but tastes like heaven." But I actually think heaven tastes more like spongecake.

Christopher and Janice were baptised! :) They're going to be attending the temple dedication too! YAY!! When we went to teach them this week, a HERD of children/youth followed me around and asked about what I was doing. They said that I was an artista (actress). I haven't heard of that until now. :P So this week, we actually have a lot of new investigators. xD

Spiritual highlight this week:
We taught a new investigator named Gwen. She used to come to the church when she was a teenager, but her parents didn't allow it. Now that she's 24 she's old enough for herself. Her best friend (Geanna) is a YSA here. She REALLY wants to understand, and she's REALLY searching!! She said she's attended Iglesia, Baptist and Catholic but she still hasn't found answers to her questions. She was shy to pray at the end of the lesson, but we encouraged her, so she did. AHHH IT WAS AMAZING!! I could feel her sincerity!! We're going to teach her on Friday and show her the restoration video. :)!!!

We also decided to teach a former investigator for the first time named, Floramae, who is the girlfriend of a member and lives at their house. She didn't get baptised before because she didn't want to get married, even though she was living with them. A couple days after our visit, we heard from a member that she wants to be baptised and she's going to get married! AHHHH! We will have future updates in the weeks to come. ;)

I'm in Philippians in the New Testament right now. :)
~the end~


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