Hilongos Week 23

I never realized the height difference between Sis Malicdem and I until I saw this picture we took yesterday. o_O She really is short! (Or I really am tall. :])

My name tag is actually in English. At first, the missionaries would have Cebuano name tags (My teacher in the MTC had one) but now the name tags are in English. There are so many languages in the Philippines, that they just use English on the Church buildings and the missionary name tags. Because the Church is organized/unified!! In our mission, there is 2 languages that you might be learning, haha.

Last Tuesday we visited a part member family. Last week, the mother said she would pray and read the Book of Mormon. We came back to follow-up and she said said she hasn't. She said she didn't see why it mattered, because she was Catholic. We spent the rest of the lesson sharing to her our testimonies that the Church is true, and we know because we received answers to our questions. Not from other people, but from feeling peace, love, and feeling the Spirit of God tell our spirits that its true. Let's just say, I felt it was a pretty awesome lesson, even though we barely taught any doctine. ;)

Next week is transfer week! We'll see how that works out! But this week is my first COMPANION EXCHANGE for one day. I'll be the SENIOR COMPANION for the FIRST TIME! Ahhh! I'll be leading the area! AHHH.

We also had interviews recently. It's so amazing that you can learn to admire your mission president even though you don't see him very often. Just from our interviews and Zone conferences, I've been able to know that he REALLY is inspired of God to lead us. I understand that and feel the spirit when I listen to his trainings and advice. This work is not of man, it's of heaven! :D

At every interview, Sister Malit weighs us and takes our blood pressure to make sure we're healthy. :) I lost 3 pounds. haha! I have a 10 pound range that I've been in since high school. When I left the MTC, I was on the very top of that range (There is a LOT of food in the MTC). Now, for some reason or other, I have lost about 10 pounds since then. I'm at the bottom of my range now! Oh wow! And she gave me a de-worming pill. Do you realize what that means?! That means I've been in the mission field for SIX MONTHS!

This Sunday, we didn't attend sacrament. I'm sure you're wondering why. WHY wouldn't the missionaries go to church?! Because...

We went to the Temple dedication!! (By broadcast) AHHH! It was SOOOO AWESOMEEE. We attended ALL THREE SESSIONS!! I can't even begin to express how happy I am. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!! And of course, at every session we got to hear from the Prophet. :) I haven't had so much Prophet-listening EVER. A few of my favorite quotes (some are paraphrased) from Thomas S Monson from the dedication:
"When you're on the Lord's errand, you're entitled to His help."
"You're not qualified to become a son of perdition!" (Hahah!) - referring to a wayward missionary
"It is good for us to be here." - quoting peter the Apostle
"I thought it was a temple city!" -referring to a member's house that has pictures of temples on every wall.
"In our homes, where we have rooms for sleeping, rooms for eating, rooms for studying and recreation, let us make room for Christ."
"Let the temple be a cornerstone in our lives"
"The Lord has brought us to His house" - quoting a member from Guatemala that spent 3 days traveling on a broken bus that miraculously arrived at the Mesa Arizona temple.

I love you all! I think of you as I'm out here. I'm sure you think of me too. <3 I have reassurances that I'm supposed to be here. I've come so far personally. So long till next week.
~the end~


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