Palompon Week 4

Hello my family~ :)

What's the price of the normal hymnbooks that you see in the church? Haha.

I hopefully will never take washing machines for granted AGAIN!!
It takes soooooooooooo long to wash by hand. :S

We had our Zone conference this week. One of the members of the area presidency, Elder Teh came and attended. He actually spoke at the Temple dedication last month. The only part I remember him saying is how when he was young, he didn't know why his family was dressed up in white around an alter in the temple. But later on in his life, he knew exactly why he was kneeling at an alter with the "most beautiful girl in the world" on the opposite side. :P We got to meet his wife at the Zone conference. The Zone conference was different than usual. We came fasting to the conference, and overall I think everyone was a little more well-behaved. The catering we had for conference was COMPLETELY different too. There were tables and goblets and tableclothes and it was all really pretty looking! Ahh! It was funny to see the effect the atmosphere had on the missionaries. It was a lot more quiet than it would normally be.

I also got to have some one-on-one time when Elder Teh interviewed me for a bit. He asked about my family and I told him my connection to the Adduru family. :) He knows you! Hehe. One thing I really noted was when we talked just for a little bit about understanding the Spirit. He looked over to the side, paused for a bit and then said: "Yea, it takes practice." Haha!

Justin, our investigator is sooo good! But we didn't get to see him this week. :( He wasn't there when we had our return appointment, but we actually saw him going home on our way to another appointment. We were all riding put-puts though, so we couldn't really stop and talk. Just pointed and yelled a bit acknowledging that we saw the other person. And then we were sad because he didn't come to church, but later on that day we went to the Hospital to visit the child of a member who is in there. Justin was at the hospital because his 2 month year old baby is sick. His family was grateful that we stopped by. <3

The members are so poor here. But they all want to go to the temple!~ The 2nd counselor and his family are sooooo good. They don't have a lot at all, but they're saving money, little by little! Sometimes they don't have any food to put on top of their rice, or no rice at all. Our BML too, Jetro, wants to go on a mission so badly. He's trying to save up money, but his sister always "borrows" money from him so its really hard to save!! Even though he moved, she still shows up at his house and "borrows" his money. He says he can't refuse her because she's his older sister. (That's just how kind he is :[ ) They sacrifice so much! I really admire them. And I think how lucky and blessed I've been all of my life...

How's Book of Mormon reading? I'm in 1st Nephi again so I can re-read it again. :)

~the end~


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