Palompon Week 1

I got my scriptures back! They're SO COOL LOOKING!! So neat and nice and book-ish. YAY.

I have foot tan lines! It looks really weird!
Do well in school!

Cafe rio is amazing. :P The best one to eat there is the pulled pork burrito. YUMMY!

I'm so happy for you!! <33 :)

Mom & Dad~
How's your Book of Mormon reading? :D:D

So we're in the internet cafe now and I have some news. I transferred! You could probably tell because of the title of my email. Hahahaha. I am now in Palompon, which is Sis Dustin and Sis Malicdem's previous area. Sis Dustin was actually transferred and so I arrived here. I'm with the missionary that she was training. ;) Her name is Sis Farnworth. Sometimes members call her Fireworks.

Palompon has some definite differences from Hilongos. One is that there is a brown out in the area pretty much every single day. The only difference is how long or when it will occur. This email is actually a day late beeeeeeeeeeeecause we had a brown out from about 2 pm until about 9:30 pm. So we wanted to email earlier today after our missionary meeting/reporting on Tuesdays.But there was another brown out. haha. And actually while we taught a lesson today. I was just thinking how loud the neighbors were with their music and how difficult it would be to feel the spirit during a lesson. About 5 minutes later, a brown out came on. Hahaha. The lesson went well. Then during the closing prayer, the electricity came back on. :P Hahaha

Sister Malicdem was actually talking a lot about Palompon when she first arrived in Hilongos. She made it sound like a magical place. And then Sis Dustin at the transfer meeting just kept talking about how she didn't want to leave. And that she wanted to be able to transfer back someday. :P (Even though she's been in that area for 7.5 months already) So basically, I've heard myths and legends and now I am coming to see if they are really true or not.

We have a LOT more investigators here than I was working with. There are a lot that are on different levels on their "spiritual journey" so to speak. Our neighbor Sherma, is actually a GREAT investigator. She feels that everything we teach is true. She asks so many questions so she can understand and she wants to be baptised but she is getting persecuted to the max from her Born Again church. Her pastor has told her this week that he wants to join in on the lessons, but we're not sure if his intention is to learn or to try to attack us. (He's been pastor for over 50 years... so that's intense hahaha) :P But Sherma is really smart, so she understands that he might have a ulterior motive. Hopefully we'll be able to meet him as a person willing to understand and be understood.

I've felt the spirit SO much more during lessons now and during the day. Part of it is being the senior companion I think. The other part is because I'm trying to be more obedient as well. I'm getting on really well with Sis. Farnworth. She's actually really good about being an example of a good missionary. I feel like she's helping me be my best. :)

KK, I gotta go. Love you all!!
~the end~


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