Hilongos Week 24

Hello my family and friends!!

I didn't really notice anything about the de-worming pill. Life just went on as normal.
I'm so HAPPY you have a room fixed up for me. It might get dusty from waiting for me to visit it though. :P

Happy Father's Day!!

Other news~
Our investigator, Floramae got married this week! :D Beforehand with the other missionaries, she had wanted to be baptised, but didn't want to get married. So now after we followed up, they planned to get married! =O I took pictures of them. :) It was simple, but sweet! She actually works at the computer shop that we're at right now.

We also had that companionship exchange that had me so worried. :P It was actually pretty fun being the "mommy". I taught everything that I could to Sis. Schnider about grammar that I learned in the mission field, because her companion now is a native, so she probably doesn't get a lot of correcting.
Is it true that Obama instituted social medicine? o_O Sis Schnider was rather enraged about it.

The attitude here in the Philippines is very different than America. Usually you are invited into their house if you knock on their door. Back home, if missionaries knocked on doors, it would be very rare that someone would let you in! So as a matter of fact, it's not too difficult to find new investigators. We just don't know who's just being kind, or is really interested in what we're teaching. :S

Our Mission President, President Malit is instituting a new program in each area. The missionaries are to organize a "Branch Mission!" So instead of only having 1 missionary companionship in each area, there will be lots! Starting next week, we're going to have trainings every week for the branch missionaries. So we'll have to come up with something new every week to teach them about how to do missionary work. :)

Transfers are this week! Now they're going to announce who is transferring tomorrow at 5 pm. Gaah! They keep delaying it every transfer! The suspense it the worst part. I've been here 6 months in Hilongos, so I will probably transfer. But who knows, I might inherit Sis. Holden's record of 8 months in one area. She was my mission mommy after all. :S

I got my scriptures rebound, so I'm waiting to get them back from the APs (Assistant to the President). So now I'll have Old Testament, New Testament, Triple, and Appendix/Index and Preach My Gospel in separate books. :P It'll be great for studying without having to turn pages all the time from cross referencing.

Love you all~ I started the BoM again while I'm waiting for my scripture set to come back from the office. So now I'm in 1 Nep 15. :)
How's your reading going?

~the end~


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