Palompon Week 3 (7-12-10)


I got your email. :) I got all of the pictures too. It just takes SO long to even get close to looking at them. It'll probably take me a really long time to even look at them.

On that note of bugs, I saw a cockroach fly for the first time this week. I knew that they flew, but I had never seen it before! It's so weird because I imagine them as creepy crawly things, not flying things. I killed one last week. The thing is, I don't mind if they are there, as long as they stay out of sight (Ignorance is bliss in this case) and don't bite me. (I'm pretty certain I've been bitten a few times in my sleep! GRR) But to actually kill one is... urgh.

We have no TIME!!

We always have things to do and not enough time to do it! Including email! ahhhhhh. :S And the cafe we're using today is really slow too.. agoy.

Sis. Farnworth is always stressed, and this no time thing is starting to get to me toooo!

We had a golden investigator come to church on Sunday! All by himself!! His name is Justin and he's a dancer. He does choreography and his brother has been an investigator for a bit already. He ended the second lesson by saying: I want to go to church, I want to go on a mission, and I want to go to the temple.
WOW! By the way, that was from no prompting from us. Although we had just taught him about temples a bit. :) We are now teaching the temple in every lesson we have because of the advice of President Malit.

We're so BOOKED this week. If we make any appointments, they have to be like, for next week! Yay!

When I speak English now, sometimes I say things funny, because my brain is thinking Cebuano ways to say things. Like, I said yesterday: "I asked that of him"

How's your Book of Mormon reading going? :)
~the end~


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