Palompon Week 2 (7/5/2010)

WOWWW. I'm so proud of you!! :) I'm so happy to read your email. How many emails have you sent before that one?! Am I one of the very first people to get to receive an email from you? :)

We had a very eventful fourth of July. It was stake conference. So all of the members who wanted to go rented a bus and driver and the whole bus was full of us members heading to the stake center. (We are in a stake, not a district, but the area I am in is a branch.)

We had a pretty bad week actually! Sis. Farnworth and I don't understand it. We were punted pretty much three days in a row. Lots of things happened that were unexpected. o.O But we got a couple new investigators, so we're happy. :) In a way, I feel this is a step up in my mission experience. I've had much more ups and many more downs in the first week here than before. Hahaha.

There are still put-puts here. But there's a different kind of put-put here, but the idea is the same. We are still near the ocean, but it feels like a lot more of Hilongos was really near the ocean. Only a community or two is here near the ocean. Palompon seems bigger than Hilongos. There also seems to be a much bigger difference between the rich and the poor here. :S There are a lot of nice houses in one area, but the other areas are all bamboo.

This seems to be the order of poorest to richest houses here in the Philippines:
Cement with PAINT!
Even the nicest houses are made with cement, but then they have lots of stuff that makes it look really nice. Like paint and plants and a car. haha.

My companion is Sis. Farnworth. She's from Utah. :P She has a fraternal twin back home.

My mission president is President Malit. He's from Luzon, the top islands in the Philippines. That basically means that he speaks Tagalog. He doesn't know very much Cebuano. :P He and his wife served in the same mission, so I think that's where they first met each other. He's going to be my mission president for the whole mission. His mission ends in July 2011, which is the transfer after I go home. We had a meeting with him on Sunday, and he was such a joker! He tried speaking ghetto American because he was teasing an Elder. I'm a lot taller than him and his wife. :P haha.

How's your Book of Mormon reading!?

~the end~


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