May 24, 2010 Hilongos Week 20

Jessie~ I'm so glad you added me to your blog list! :) Now I can hear everything going on with you! Yay IAN! I'm so excited for your new job! :D

Cyrena!~ I got your letter that you sent! :P If you want, it's faster to email now than to use. My companion, Sis. Malicdem says hi! And she wants to be your friend too. :)

I received my "special surprise" from Nanoy's brother this week. :) Sister Malicdem laughed when she saw they were gummy candies. She says they're for kids, but she ate them anyway! (She must be a 5 year old in disguise). And I got a nice letter from Cyrena and Sister Baker. :)

I opened my email this afternoon and heard that I have a new nephew!! Yay! :) I wondered why there was no email from Eva this week, she was a little busy apparently in the Hospital. ;)

I've decided to start using the washboard again when I do laundry. I'd rather not have scars/sores all over my hands from trying to only use my hands.

Work in Hilongos is coming along as usual. We were able to get the standard of excellence for RCLA, Recent Converts and Less active lessons, which is missionary lessons taught to members. As a result, we got to meet several members that I've never met until now. Even though I've been here for (a while) we never looked them up. I also really want to update the member list that we have in the apartment. Several members have moved or have special circumstances that would be good to know.


We have a new investigator this week. He's been to America before so he really insisted on speaking English. Turns out he wants to be baptized ASAP because he thinks the church (or me o.O) can help him get to America. We think he probably has a small problem mentally, so we're just going to see if he comes to church...

Oh and a put-put driver tried to rip me off again on the fare price. So yea, same old same old. :P I explained what happened to a member and he said: "Sometimes they see white people and think: 'Portahan'" Meaning door. Door to money?

I think being on a mission has helped me a lot though with perspective on life. I meet all kinds of families in lots of situations. I realize how fortunate I am in lots of ways.

Thanks for all the love and support from home.
How's your Book of Mormon reading going?
~the end~


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