Hilongos Week 22

I don't know what happened about last week's email. I forgot to add Jessie and Mom and Emily to the list, but I DID add Eva's email, so I wonder why she never received week 21? I sent it again just now, so hopefully it'll work now. :S

Your new fridge sounds super awesome! I am jealous. :)

Mom & Dad~
I want to hear about your trip to see Eva! :) How is baby Jordan?

This week was a bit slow because we had a lot of events going on this week. On Tuesday, we had our Zone conference and were interviewed for our temple dedication recommends. Next Sunday is the dedication! AHHH! This is my first time attending a temple dedication.

After Zone Conference, the APs were persuaded to drive us back to our areas. But it turns out that Elder Cruz the AP has a very special technique for driving. There were at least 3 missionaries who didn't feel very well (including me) after they were dropped off. Ahahah.

The members here have been preparing for interviews and announcing the temple schedule every week for a month. So the Branch President spent an hour interviewing the members for recommends. It was so sweet because there is a less active family here that has one daughter (Shirlyne) who ALWAYS attends church. Every single week. She's only 10 years old, but she's so sweet and loves church! She came out of the Branch President's office holding a temple dedication recommend! <3<3 She's the only one in her family who even asked for an interview. I just love her. <3

We also went to Tacloban area on Saturday because Sis Malicdem had an appointment to get her patriarchal blessing. She's been waiting for 9 months to get it. They were supposed to get it in the MTC, but they told her "Ah, just get it in the mission field." So she's been waiting until now, when she could FINALLY get it. It reminded me of the time that I went and got my blessing. :) I really love knowing that it's personal scripture, just for me. Tacloban is a Waray Waray area, so my Cebuano was pretty much next to useless. Having a Tagalog companion helped. :P

Ah, I really miss the temple too. Being able to go once a week before the mission was awesome, and in the MTC as well. So, I'm REALLY happy for the members here, that Cebu temple is SOOO close. From Hilongos, it's only about $4 and 5 hour boat ride away. Our branch missionary leader actually comes home every weekend from Cebu because he goes to school there. So it is relatively really close!

I'm starting the Book of Mormon again, and still working on finishing the New Testament. :)

Waaa, I love you all. I think about you and miss you all too! Life is so short, so do what you can today!

"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." -Prophet Thomas S. Monson

~the end~


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