Barugo Week 9

This was a pretty strange week. For one, last P-day was on a Tuesday, so we had to randomly make schedules with people on Monday, when we dont usually have schedules, and then Tuesday and Wednesday we were in Tacloban because of Christmas Conference activities. Every single missionary in the mission was there! I took an awesome picture of me with 5 of my companions. :) I'll upload some pictures next week because the internet cafe here doesnt allow us to use usb ports.

The next day after that was Christmas party for the branch. They had games and dance numbers that the youth, primary, and a couple other people prepared and food! The party started 1 and 1/2 hour late though. >_< clear="all">
Everyone's been using firecrackers lately. I find it REALLY annoying. All they do is make a loud noise and disturb the peace. They don't even light up or look pretty or anything. Some of them get really loud too. Sis Sacayanan says they'll be even bigger when New year comes. Grrr.

A member recently asked if one of my siblings has gone on a mission. I said yes, so he asked: "where?" I told him Bolivia, which is in south america. He said: "It's just the same as the Philippines - purely Catholic!" I laughed thinking about how there might be a lot of similarities there with Eva's mission and mine.

The Filipinos also have a tradition called "Remembrance". You basically give someone a gift so that they'll remember you when they see it. So there are always people asking me for a remembrance. "Give me a remembrance, ok?" Yea, they use the English word remembrance too. It worked to my advantage when I asked one of my companions for a scarf that she found for 20 pesos. "Remembrance, pleeeease." :P It's kind of weird though when people ask me for remembrance, and I don't really even know them. :\

Christmas eve and Christmas day we didn't have any set appointments, and half of our investigators and member families were all GONE somewhere else, so we spent the day finding whoever was left and reading Luke 2 with them, the story of Christ's birth. For others, we would sing them a Christmas Carol. :)

On Christmas eve, the owner of the Salon near our apartment gave us a TON of food! We had made an appointment to teach her and her family, but they canceled on us. But she's a really nice lady, so she gave us a ton of food. haha. Cookies, cake, spagetti (that's really special in the Philippines), macaroni salad, fried chicken. That is really really Filipino. haha. Everyone celebrates Christmas here on Dec 24 midnight. They eat special food and open presents. I told my companion that we usually celebrate it Christmas morning, so that Santa has time to bring his presents. :P

So the owner of the Salon is named Susan, and she's related to Athena, our investigator. I knew that they canceled on us, but I really wanted to figure out a way to give them a Book of Mormon. So I thought it would be really nice if we gave it to her family as a Christmas present. I wrote a nice little note inside and we went to their house and sang Hark the Herald Angels Sing. (People really like it when we sing :) ) And I read to them the note inside the Book of Mormon. I was basically on the verge of tears as I read it and gave it to them and I'm sure they were feeling something too, just because of the look on their faces. They said thank you for the book. :) I hope they appreciate it.

I've started reading through D&C. There's a LOT of stuff in there about missionary work! That was teh BIG topic i guess during the early time of the Church. Go forth and declare the glad tidings of great joy!

Well I'm so glad that I was able to talk with you all over the phone. It's really nice being able to HEAR your wonderful voices. I started to cry too, so don't make too much fun of mom for crying anymore. I can totally relate with her more now. :P
Love you all <3

Tell me if you get my letter!


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