Barugo Week 13

Happy Birthday Mom!! :)

Transfer week is over! Sister Sacayanan is gone! :( There goes another companion after 2 transfers. I seem to go through them pretty quickly.

My new companion is Sister Mangubat. She's really sweet and wants to make sure that we're both happy together as companions. :) She's so quick to want to offer a helping hand, or find some way to give service. She's from Manila, but just came from Sogod, a Cebuano area. She's scared of Waraywaray! Hehe. I've already learned a bunch of Tagalog in the last 3 days. Wow!

I went though a reality check when I saw that after this transfer, I have 2 more transfers! AHHH. It's hard not to get trunky sometimes.

This week I've had some roller coaster emotions. Tuesday, Athena was BAPTISED!!! I was freaking out the whole morning because there were no white suits at the church for baptism, but the Elders said that they had 2 at their apartment. There was one very large one, and one smaller one which was more exact for Athena's size. It had some spots on it though, which really annoyed me because it's supposed to be CLEAN. You know, because baptism represents washing away of mistakes and regrets and sins and becoming clean?! It also rained BUCKETS. Like SUPER super hard the whole morning. So lots of members were late, and Athena was the most late. She had a lot of trouble getting to the church. Because of the rain, she chose to ride a bus instead of the side car because of her baby, but while they were traveling, the BUS BROKE DOWN! Ahhh! So they had to wait for the next bus so she could get to the church. She came alone with her baby, but even though there were lots of trials she made it! Earlier that day, I was just stressing out A LOT so I went into a empty room and just told Heavenly Father all that I was worried about. He told me it would all work out. And it did! :)

I had really high hopes this Sunday for church. We had several people arranged so that someone could take them to church. No one showed up though. :( Athena didn't show up either for her confirmation. I cried because I felt so let down. After church, we went to her house and it turns out that her family made her help them with their preparations for the Fiesta in District 1. We taught her about the Holy Ghost. She knows it all already. So it'll just have to wait for next week. She's waiting to tell everyone that she's a member until after her confirmation because she knows she's not done with her baptism yet.

~the end~


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