Barugo Week 11

Some more Philippine culture facts:
If you compliment someone on something, they either downgrade it (oh it's not nice, oh it's old) or sometimes they even offer to give it to you! You have a cute wallet! You want it? It's yours! haha.

If you walk by or see someone while they're eating, they offer you food! They say: Kaon kita! (Lets eat!) At the very least, it's polite to offer them your food. ;) It happens all the time, people we don't know or if we just walk by them always offer us food. "Kaon kita!"

They really like to tease one another about buying each other's food. "You're gonna pay for me right?" "Yay! Sister Loveland's going to treat us all to lunch!" Like that. I had one zone leader who did it to me all the time in my first area. I ended up really irritated cuz he was ALWAYS saying I would treat everyone. >_< But I understand it a bit more now.

I had a GOOD WEEK. Lots of spiritual highs!

President Malit asked President Daganasol (the branch president) how Barugo was doing. We don't know what the future holds for Barugo.

We are trying to figure out if there's something stopping Athena from really having a desire to come to church. The lessons are great with her, she understands everything and she continues to read the Book of Mormon when she can. It's just that it's RAINY season now, so she can't really take her baby outside (meaning... to go to church) >_< So as a thought, we decided to really help her get to know who Christ is. We showed her the Finding Faith in Christ video and it was GREAT. Afterwards we talked for just a little bit and told her that THAT amazing feeling we were all experiencing was the Holy Ghost.

I feel like that was a really good experience for me as well. I felt the spirit strongly as we watched that. I think I felt my faith and my love for him increase just as we were watching. The past couple of days It's been easier to remember Him more often. I think I was changed for the better as the spirit helped me understand how amazing He was. And that he died for me. And that he did EVERYTHING he did out of love. Everything he taught, everything he lived and died for. As a result of that I felt my fears and hesitations just fade away about being a missionary.

We taught the Baquiran family again. It was AMAZINGGG! Most of them had read, but Sister Becky told us she hadn't. And then in the middle of the lesson, she starts telling us about how she realized that Joseph Smith must have been an instrument in bringing to pass the things that we were telling her. She told us that she reads EVERY SPARE CHANCE SHE GETS because she wants to know about the Book of Mormon. She just told us she hadn't because she didn't want us asking her questions cuz she forgets things easily. I suggested that we all kneel down and ask if the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith are true. So we DID. The entire family and both of us missionaries kneeled down on the floor. I started the prayer, asking for help to receive an answer. I asked "Is the Book of Mormon true?" "Is Joseph Smith a true prophet?" As I asked, I felt a warmth from inside envelop me! I had asked before if it was true and I know I had received an answer, but this was even stronger than I've felt before. I was on the verge of tears. The family members all took their own turns as well asking if the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith, and Sister Sacayanan closed the prayer. I know that they felt the spirit. They said they were not sure yet if there was an answer, but that was such a wonderful experience. That family is ready! Ever since the beginning when we first met them, the Spirit was always strong when we taught them. We just have to find out what they need to get that answer.

This is Jesus' Christ's church! It was restored through a prophet called of God and Jesus Christ! I'm so happy that I can say that with certainty in my heart. Because I asked, and I've received answers time and time again. It's true.

I love you all. I know we'll see each other soon enough, but I still have some work to do here. :)
~the end~


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