Barugo Week 8

My email is a day late because they changed P-day this week to Tuesday because of Christmas conference. So, I hope you didn't worry or anything!
I made this paper Christmas tree so we could have one in the apartment. hehe.
These other two are trees that the branch members made for the church. There is NOTHING like real evergreen trees here, so all Christmas trees are fake or made with other stuff very imaginative-ly. heh
There's one of the church in Carigara,
The family here is Athena and our less-active member named Liberty. We're at their house NEARLY every day because we teach Athena tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays at 2, and we teach
I sent a letter home this week with a check in it from Sister Baker. Uhhh, please watch out for it. haha. It also has a small letter for mom, dad and emily. :)
There was a really big change with Abraham this week. We tried reading the book of mormon with him, and it didn't work very well. We read the introduction about Lehi, so he asked: Who's Lehi? Why isn't he in the Bible? And then he set his book on the table and sat back. Anyway, it was just really stressful situation. He doesn't want to pray any more with us during lessons. He tells us he wants just to do it. So we're just worried about his spiritual progress.
So the very next lesson, we were a little hesistant about going to teach him, just because we don't know what to expect from him anymore. We prepared what we felt was a good lesson, (but we've never been able to actually TEACH him because he usually goes off on crazy tangents. So, I figured we might as well just try to charge forward. We actually TAUGHT him! He sat and listened as we talked about 2 Cor 13:1, having more than one witness and Ezekiel 37 about stick of Judah and Joseph. I REALLY felt that the Spirit was guiding us in the lesson. Mostly because we were so nervous when we started, but once we got started, Sister Sacayanan and I just KNEW what to say and when to let the other one start teaching. Afterwards, Abraham told us he doesn't agree with those interpretations, but we know that something must have touched him. He had a different spirit with him. When I decided to pray to ask for help from Heavenly Father in helping Abraham read the Book of Mormon and have a spiritual experience, I didn't know it would be SO HARD. The Book of Mormon really seems to be his stumbling block, but he's still willing to keep reading. I think someday, the Book of Mormon will definitely be the strongest parts of his testimony. ;)
Liziel is getting persecuted from her family and friends. So she told us she's still a question mark about baptism. She DID read the for strength of youth pamplet though, and she said she agrees with everything she read! WOW. That is going to make teaching the word of wisdom, and law of chastity a LOT easier! haha.
Tatay Avila came to church! He was lying to us about his Word of Wisdom problem this week, and then he showed up at church! o_O So we're not really sure what's going through his head. But I think that definitely helps us know that there might be some desire there to really change.
I'll talk to you at Christmas! Love you! :) Think of some great stuff to talk to me about! weeeee.
~the end~


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