Barugo Week 12

It's transfer week! I don't want Sister Sacayanan to transfer, cuz if she does, I'll be left alone again after only 2 transfers! I don't know Waraywaray yet! Agh!

Driving in the Philippines. Usually there are 2 lanes on a highway with opposing traffic. But if there's no one on the other side and the putput/pedicab/or car is slow, they just honk their horn and use the other lane to pass. When I first got here, I would always turn around when someone would honk until I realized that they just honk to let the people in front know a vehicle is coming.

I have a funny experience about the compliment note I wrote last time. There is a branch missionary here in Barugo that is preparing to go on a mission named Raymond. An Elder gave him a copy of those REALLY compact scriptures, that has the leather snap case. They're so CUTE and small. So I was talking about how cute they were and he said: "You want them?" So I said "Okay!" and started to walk off with them (I was joking) He got this funny look on his face and he started to chase after me a little with that worried look on his face. Another Elder and I just laughed at him. :)

We have a Catholic Jesus statue in our apartment. I don't really pay any attention to it anymore, but it looked REALLY out of place when I first got here. haha.

We taught Abraham this week about why the Sabbath was changed to Sunday, because he commemorates the 7th day Sabbath. It is because Jesus Christ resurrected on the 1st day of the week. After he met with us again, he said he was really bothered by the scriptures we used that say "On the first day of the week, Mary went to the tomb" It says that in EVERY single gospel. Mark, Matthew, Luke and John! I don't think he's ready to quite believe the Sunday Sabbath yet though, cuz he says if Jesus resurrected on Sunday, it wouldn't have been a complete 3 days and 3 nights.
Abraham also has told us that he did pray and ask if the Book of Mormon is true, but he hasn't continued to do so. So we were trying to impress the importance of continuing to ask. I related an example, that if I was a mother, and my son wanted a bicycle, I wouldn't buy it for him if he just asked once and never said anything again. So Abraham said, If I was your son, I would have to be patient! I wouldn't press the matter, but I would show that I wanted it by borrowing other bicycles etc. So from our discussion, I would have to say I think I understand Abraham a little better. We're always worried that he doesn't really want to know if it's true or not, but after conversations like that, I think maybe he is trying to find out in his own way.

We committed Athena to come to an activity (Family Home Evening) with President Malit and other missionaries and their investigators. When it came time for the event, Athena texted us and asked "Is it okay if we don't go, cuz it's raining?" There was no possible way we could say it's okay, because that would give her permission TO NOT GO! We couldn't say NO either, because we couldn't force her. So we just replied how much we wanted her to come. And then we went to her house and waited while they changed and helped them with our umbrellas in the rain. I think what was really going through my mind was: "She just needs to be able to listen to President Malit, and then she will REALLY be able to feel the Spirit." So when we arrived there, I pointed out to President who Athena was, and President made a special effort to say Hi and to include her in the games we played. After the games and comments by President Malit, we were eating refreshments when President Malit asked me how Athena was as an investigator. I told him her concerns, mostly about attending church because of her baby, and we really wanted her to want to come to church and be baptized. So he asked if he could talk with her. So I told Athena, and she went and chatted with him for about 10 minutes. After that, President called me over and pointing to Athena he said: She will be baptized! I looked at Athena, and she had tears in her eyes. She promised to come to church this Sunday, and President said if she did that, he would authorize her to be baptized this week.

Athena came to church yesterday! She's going to be baptized tomorrow! YAY!

I love you all lots! Thanks for your prayers and support. :)
~the end~


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