Barugo Week 21

So I opened my email today and I had like TWENTY emails. So it took me a really long time to read them all! haha. I got some good news that I was accepted into the Dietetics program at BYU for the fall! Yay! :) And then of course you all had lots of remarks that you emailed me. It was really good seeing pictures of my nieces and nephew! :) I showed them to my companion, Sister Salando.

It's getting so CLOSE!!

My schedule is actually a day earlier than I said it was last week. I found out that everything is going to start 1 day earlier. I'll arrive home the evening of April 13. I actually am leaving Hong Kong nearly midnight April 13. And then I'm going to arrive home around 10 PM April 13. Haha. I'm going to arrive home 2 hours before I left! Yay! I'm so excited to see you all. :)
I am going to be flying into LAX because the layovers going to Long Beach Airport would have been KILLER. Like 8 hours of layover in San Francisco airport! Ahhh. So I opted for LAX instead. I hope that doesn't really inconvenience you, but that's the plan now.

People keep asking me how I feel now that there are only two weeks left. I tell them I'm trunkie and they laugh.

We taught MarieGrace, Robert's sister and Jojo/Gardo/Mark almost everyday this entire week! They're the ones we're working the most with right now so that they can get baptized in April! :)

But NO ONE came to church! :( Ahhh man.

But at least the gospel's still true.

Love you all! <3

~the end~


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