Barugo Week 19

This will make you happy!
I attached pictures! I realized a while ago that seeing your pictures made me SO happy. So I realized that you must all feel the same way when you can see MY pictures! So I've been trying and trying to remember so I can get pictures, and now I can! YAY! :)

Sister Mangubat and I with our matching dresses (in design, not in color)
Sister Mangubat and I with our matching umbrellas!
There's one of me with my new companion and McArther park in Tacloban. President and Sister Malit are there with us.
One shows all of us Sister missionaries that have been assigned in Barugo. We all had transfer meeting and just happened to be in the Tacloban chapel at the same time, so we took a picture! Yay! :)

There was no problem with the Tsunami here. The earthquake in Japan was over 8 magnitude?! That's HUGE! They told us that we were on Tsunami alert number 2 which means the wave would be about 1 meter if there was one. There wasn't anything though. The water level did rise near all the beach fronts though. One bottom part of a member's house got flooded, but there wasn't really any damage.

We found and taught 3 teenage boys this week and they visited the church on Sunday. :) Their names are Jojo, Mark and Gardo. It's really funny teaching young men because they tend to be so embarrassed about talking about spiritual things.

We taught Nanay Luz last week about Apostasy 3 times before she accepted the idea that there's only ONE church that can have all the correct doctrine. So I was a little surprised when she told us she was not there for our last appointment because she got out late from Catholic church. haha. So we talked a bit more about she needs to pray if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church.

Lots of people are a little shocked that I'm going home soon. Pretty much everyone that ever finds out. The ones that are most freaked out are the Elders that started their missions before me, and now I'm going home before them. Haha.

Culture note:
If you can cook really well, Filipinos will joke "Pwede na magasawa!" or "NOW you can get married!"

~the end~


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