Barugo Week 18

I was not transfered. Sister Mangubat was transferred! Ahh. She was super sad because our investigators are awesome.

I'm actually training my last transfer here... Wow! Sister Salando is my new companion. That makes a grand total of 12 companions in the mission. hoho. 8 in the mission field. She's from Manila and speaks Tagalog. Because I've been here for so long, I already understand really basic Tagalog, so I mostly understand her. I just speak English to her because she doesn't understand Waray-waray yet. Ahh! Languages in the Philippines are so mixed up all the time. I still speak a crazy mix of English, Tagalog, Waray waray and Cebuano. Most of the challenges of training are not even there, because Sister Salando is Filipina! She already knows how to cook and do laundry and there's absolutely no culture shock. She just needs help with the paperwork and the language haha. She has a family of 9, and only 3 are members of the Church. She's the only one to serve a mission. I can already tell she has great love.

We had a great lesson with Laziel this week. As we were talking to her I just asked the two questions that President Malit asked us to ask our investigators: "What's the biggest problem why you can't come to church?" She told us the biggest problem is pamasahe. (travel fare) So I asked the second question: "What can you sacrifice so that you'll be able to have 20 pesos to come to church on Sunday?" She looked at us and said: "Alot!" She said she would wait for the bus after school instead of riding on the sidecars so she can save 5 pesos on her way home, and she said she would stop giving her friends pesos whenever they ask for one. haha. And then on Saturday afternoon, we asked her how it was and we asked her if she had saved up pamasahe for tomorrow and she said Yes she was going to go.
But for some reason she never showed up on Sunday! Bah. But that's the closest she's ever come to coming to church! Baaaaah! Maybe next week.

Sister MayAnn and Mila came to church too! It was super awesome. :) We went to their house to pick them up, and they were just waiting for us! They just locked the door and then we all went to church. :) Sister Mila has already read up to 2nd Nephi 2. Sister MayAnn is in chapter 18 of 1 Nephi. They've read more in the Book of Mormon in 2 weeks than ANY OTHER INVESTIGATOR EVER! They're both so nice and sweet. I'm glad I get to be their missionary.

I love you all so much! <3 I'm excited to see you all fairly soon. Everyone is shocked I only have 1 transfer left. I don't remember what life was like back home. x_X

~the end~


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