Barugo Week 20

We've been trying to teach our investigators about sacrifice. President Malit has focused a lot on sacrifice the past couple of months. I think I'm finally starting to understand... at least a little bit. For me, I've realized that the motivation for sacrifice is LOVE. Of course there are people who make sacrifices for their personal benefit, but when those sacrifices are for someone else the only motivation can be love. I've realized now a lot more of the sacrifices that my parents and my sisters or friends have made for me, and how much they really do love me. :)

I wrote last week about how we had a Tsunami threat for a while because of the earthquake that happened in Japan. The Tsunami never happened, but there was a lot more flooding in our areas. And then for some reason, ever since Tuesday it has rained almost straight everyday. Yesterday and today are the first time we're really seeing the sun come out. Some communities in our area have flooded, but Sister Salando and I never really noticed. Some other missionaries areas are up to the waist with flood. All and all, I think that we got off pretty well. No major problems.

Out of all those young men we've been teaching in Banana Island, one of them came to Church again on Sunday! :) His name is Gardo. It's so funny how these young men are all peer pressuring each other to do good. "Hey, you should read the Book of Mormon!" "Hey, let's all get baptized!" But like I said last week, they still get kind of embarrassed of Churchy kind of things.

Since Mom asked, this is somewhat of what the schedule (I think) will be.
I'll be leaving my assigned area on April 12 and be in Tacloban for the day. Early in the morning on April 13 we're going to fly to Manila and visit the temple. :) I don't know if we'll spend the night there in Manila, or if we will only spend a couple of hours there.

So I'll probably actually arrive home about April 14 or 15. I'm not sure of the date. I'll arrive home the same date I leave though (because of the time differences haha.)

I love you all lots! I'm excited to see you!

~the end~


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