April 19, 2010 Hilongos Week 15

Wow!!! Foreclosures are the best! (Cuz they're cheaper ;D) This
house might be the reason that you shouldn't have bought the other
houses. ;P
Take videos of Elizabeth talking!! They're good momentos forever!

That one picture of Kira looks like it could be similar to the
pictures of you or Eva as a toddler too! :D Take videos too of the
babies. <3 I don't think I can watch them now, but someday I will. :)

I love Disney movies. :) I hope I like the Princess and the Frog.

I have to quote this because it was so funny to read. A good-well
wish from Eva: "Have a great week in your Filipino paradise with the
amazing gorgeous scenery and NICE little people." xD

We're hopefully having a baptism this Saturday. He's a youth named
Julius that we thought was a member! hahaha. He's been attending
church straight for almost 3 months, and he got an award from seminary
for scripture mastery. During one of our recent lessons I asked him:
"Why do you want to be baptized?" And he said: "Because I want to go
to the Celestial kingdom."

AHHHHH. I was so happy/proud. He's so sincereeeee! At first, his
grandma wouldn't let him be baptized, but now she will. :) Julius
says it's because he prayed about it.

We also had a branch activity at the Lamberte house yesterday. The
Nanay (Mother) wanted to have company that day so she wouldn't be
lonely. So there were a ton of people there!! I showed everybody how
to play "Kini Kutsara" (This is a spoon) The spoon is passed around
until it catches the plate/bowl/etc that's passed around too like

1: This is a plate. (Kini plato)
2: Ha?
1:This is a plate. (Kini plato)
2: Ah! A plate! (Ah! Plato!)
Then the plate is passed. But, the spoon is passed like this:

1:This is a spoon. (Kini Kutsara)
2: Ah! A spoon! (Ah! Kutsara!)
So the spoon is really fast. :)

The games are everyone's favorite part of FHE.~

I was also reading in Ether today (almost finished the Book of Mormon
:D) and I think I realized that my favorite story from the BoM is the
brother of Jared. <3 He trusted in the Lord so much and was so
righteous, that he saw the Lord and all the inhabitants of the earth.
(Ether 3:25-26)

~the end~


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