April 12, 2010 Hilongos Week 14

Yay! CDs! :D Baby's favorite words is always "no". It's so easy to
say and defiant at the same time. And I think the ACT is more common
for the general populace of the United States than the SAT is. (And I
think it's easier. :O) Out of all the words to teach Elizabeth, you
taught her the word "Gentile"? o.O

We always ride in put-puts! It's SUPER common and they're everywhere.
If New York had
this kind of cheap transportation, New York would be less fat and
there would more room on the streets and less pollution!


Haha that'd be weird calling you Abbie. :O
Are you scared to walk alone now that you're back from your mission?
Is the first name thing weird karon?
And a bit of sad news...
Brother Lamberte died on April 9. We had the funeral service
yesterday. I feel sad that I never took a picture with him. Did you
ever take a picture with their family? I would probably like a copy
of it. :O

We went to General Conference in Maasin, that city that we visit
occasionally because that is the "district building". We watched it
in English! <3 There was a separate room for Cebuano.
My favorites were Elder Packer's talk about the need of the Father at
the head of the family, Elder Holland, because he is always so to the
point, and the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson because his talks always want
me to do better. I do think that the Saturday sessions were my
favorite. I felt the Spirit, and I left the Saturday sessions feeling
like I could accomplish anything! At first we were sure if we were
allowed to go to the sessions or if we had to proselyte on Saturday
morning. So I'm so happy we got to go. <3 And I'm waiting anxiously
for the May issue of Liahona So I can make lots of notes :) (We get
the Liahona here... A subscription to the Liahona here is the
equivalent of about $1.75 for a year, but an Ensign subscription is
about $17.50 for a year. So the members get the Liahona and most of
them speak Cebuano anyway.) ;P

This keyboard that I'm writing on is weird because the buttons are all
wrong!! Where it's supposed to be an "a" there's a Q, and a W where
there's supposed to be an "s". But I'm okay because I don't have to
look at the keyboard to type! <3 Sister Malicdem wanted to switch
because of that. eh heheh.

Love you all!
How's your Book of Mormon reading going?

~the end~


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