April 26, 2010 Hilongos Week 16

I got the packages this last zone conference. The starburst are
yummy, but I have to keep them in the fridge because we have ants that
manage to go EVERYWHERE in the apartment, so the only safe place is in
the fridge. :P

YAY! A house! The reason you think mom's yard is so big is because
it's the 2nd biggest in our neighborhood at home. :) Elizabeth got a

I've included pictures!
The giant pig is owned by the branch President, Alex Papel. She's
pregnant right now.
The beautiful scenery is at Atabay, Hilongos.
You can see how different my tan is on my arm (VERY) when I wear that
green shirt. o_O
The really awesome cave Catholic chapel is in Maasin city. You have
to hike up these evily painful stairs that represent Christ's journey
to the cross before you can reach the chapel.

I have great news~!
Today I FINALLY figured out how to wash clothes by hand. Ahahahha!
I've been using a washboard before now and occasionally trying to wash
one or two by hand. I asked Sister Malicdem to show me and it clicked
inside my head! The same way that it just clicks when you figure out
how to ride a bicycle! I was washing by hand, and it was awesome and
even a little fun until my hands started to burn. o_o Yea, since it
was my first time by hand my hands are now sore in spots from rubbing
off skin. Owie.

Julius had his interview on saturday. So this saturday, he will be baptised. :)

We found a new family in Atabay named Matas that we're excited for.
Hopefully we'll get to see them all again this week!

I finished the Book of Mormon. :) Next time I go through, I'm going
to color code it. Woooo!

~the end~


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