April 5, 2010 Hilongos Week 13

Of course the Alice in Wonderland movie is weird/strange. It's
directed by Tim Burton! That's what he does... making things weird.
My hair was just permanently straightened. They call it "Rebond"
here. No coloring or anything.
People like to ask if I will marry a Philippino. They think it's
really funny. I just tell them one of either two things: I'm not
allowed to have a boyfriend now or Kon buotan siya. (If he's kind ;P)

This transfer was pretty hard. S. Taunan left on Tuesday afternoon
and S. Malicdem didn't arrive until Friday afternoon. They moved the
transfer meeting for one day later so I was with members for 3 days.
@_@ For two of those three days, my "companion" was two young women
and a girl in primary who is 10 years old. It was hard because I
didn't want to ride to any appointments because it would be expensive
with 4 instead of 2 and I taught by myself. :S The total lessons for
this week are half than usual :(
Conference for us is April 10 and 11. I suppose that means its a
delayed broadcast then. Which makes me hope it isn't in Cebuano. I
want to be able to understand. :( We only get to attend the Sunday
sessions I think.
I am looking forward to your hand picked out music selections for myself. <3
Have you been taking pre-natal vitamins?

Your email this week was great!~ You had a pretty exciting week to
write all of that. And I'm really glad that the bathroom is starting
to get done. hahaha.

So we just finished HOLY WEEK! Semana Santos. That was intense. On
Good Friday in the morning, the WHOLE downtown was closed. Like,
almost deserted. I thought about it for a second and thought how nice
it would be if that attitude of worship was on every Sunday and not
just on one day a year. There was a procession, small floats of
different stages of Christ's journey to the cross and it ended with
some floats of saints. I wondered why there was no float with His
resurrection, but I figured it out later because about 2 am in the
morning on Sunday, there was a display in downtown that pronounced
"Christ is Risen, Alleluiah!" :) They pretty much "re-live" the
events for those couple days.

My new companion is S. Malicdem. She speaks English too! So we can
communicate/learn words from each other/define things for
understanding. Yay. Her previous companion was S. Dustin. <3! (My
first companion in the MTC) So far I know that she really likes green
and she really likes ginger too. :P

And I've been on my mission for 5 months now. :S That's alot.

I've been reading the New Testament recently because I finished Jesus
the Christ, which talks a great deal about Christ's ministry (which is
recorded in the New Testament! haha)

This is because we have General Conference this week:
Mosiah 15:11 - Follow the Prophet, follow the Prophet, follow the
Prophet, he knows the waaay~
~the end~


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