Palompon Week 15

Mom and Dad~
Thanks for sending me jokes every week. :) I'm doing good

Whats Brazo de Mercedes? I haven't seen it yet here. There's a Goldilocks here (that Filipino cake store that's in Cerritos) in the city where the stake center is. Maybe they sell it there.

How's my car treating you?

How are you doing? :)

Diay means something like "oh really?" Like if you made a mistake or just learned something new that you were mistaken about. I just wrote Palompon - Week 14 in the subject line. But then I double checked and its actually 15. So i put in week 15 diay. :)

If you ask people "Kumusta?" (How are you?) they pretty much always respond: "Mao ra gihapon." (Same as always). Though I always say "Maayo man" (real good)

Mao ra gihapon! We've taught a lot of new people this week because Sis Christianson wants to talk to everyone. It's good in that we have a lot of appointments, but its bad if you can only meet with someone once a week because of the other appointments. Ideally, you should visit your investigators 3 times a week.

Sister Christianson told me that sometimes when she's there in the lesson, she thinks: OH! We need to talk about this! But she doesn't know how to say it in Cebuano, but while she's thinking I end up talking about what she was thinking! It makes me really happy to know that! I remember having the same experiences like that when I was with my trainer and I didn't know how to talk. haha. That means we have the Spirit guiding both of us in the same direction! :) I am pretty confident in saying that I feel we are both being guided by the Spirit during lessons. There are times where I feel that I need to stop talking so I just look at Sister Christianson and she picks it right up. When she stops, I just start going. We're being given what we need in the moment that we need it. :)

We watch General conference one week after it broadcasts in America. So you've all gotten to hear it, but we're going to hear it this Saturday and Sunday. I'm glad you didn't spoil any good surprises from conference. :P But next week, I'd love to hear about what you loved about Conference.

We have one really really great investigator named JohnPaul. He's the top of the top. I don't think he's made any DRAMATIC life changes in order to join the church, but he is progressing. :) He's been coming to church for like 7 weeks and his baptism is scheduled on Oct 16. He's really excited. We're planning on having his interview this Tuesday, right after district meeting. He was taught before by Sister Dustin and he came to church but the teaching stopped for some reason. All of this great result came about because his sister stood us up for the appointment and I just turned to him and said: Hey can we teach you instead? And it's just been on a roll since then. :)

Sometimes I wonder why I was sent to this area. Not because I doubt or anything but because I wonder WHO is it that I am supposed to be helping? WHO is the person/people that are waiting specifically for ME to be their missionary? Sometimes I wonder.

I'm still reading in the Old Testament. There are a lot of unfamiliar stories to me that I think are so funny. Like Balaam and his talking donkey. And the old fat king getting assassinated. It has a lot of things in there that really relate to the church now. It talks alot about the 'Elders of the church', making 'atonement sacrifices' and occasionally mentions the 'latter-days.' The word Atonement is only in the New Testament once! But it is ALL over the Old Testament! It's been pretty fun to read, minus the whole geneology pages and how many cubits the building of the temple has to be and EXACTLY what you have to do in order to offer a sacrifice and all of that. :)

Recently I was reading through some of the talks from last conference and the thought entered into my mind: This is living scripture! This is from a living prophet. I'm really excited to watch General Conference.

How's your Book of Mormon reading?

~the end~


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