Palompon Week 14 (9/27/2010)

I have an awesome picture to show you Eva, when I can get my memory card back. It shows this really big and hairy spider that we found in our apartment last week. It was BIG. And hairy. Sis Christianson was like: I'm not leaving until it's dead! And we weren't sure what to do with him because we thought that he might run if we tried to smack him with our flyswatter. So we called the son of the landlady who lives behind us. We showed it to him and he just left the house w/o a word, came back with his own fly swatter, swatted him, picked up him and left without really saying much. Hahaha. I don't really know how much bigger they actually can get.

I got your post-its Eva. They look almost too nice to actually use. Haha.
And I got your letter too Dad. :)

This week was different in that we just got rejected ALOT. This week somewhat challenged my theory that almost everyone in the Philippines just wants to listen to "The Good Word" and all that. They just refuse by saying "Next time" instead of actually saying they want you to go away. haha. It almost annoys me sometimes. Don't say next time if you don't want us to come back next time! But i already know that they say that because it's kinder than saying "I just don't want to listen to you."

Cebuano really is a dying language. Sometimes I ask people how to say something in Cebuano and they just tell me the English word I just used. Like Representative.

The people here are starting to celebrate Christmas now. They say that Christmas time is the 'ber' months. September is the first BER month. SeptemBER octoBER novemBER decemBER. There are some nativity scenes out and Christmas music playing.

We taught a really good investigator this week named Lolong Pajaron. He was really interested in asking questions about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We found his family because we were walking around with the Relief Society President and we were going to take her home and she started talking to them. She is actually the godmother of their son! (So yea, they are REALLY close) It was just so funny because everytime we taught a doctrine, he would throw his head back in disbelief, then think about it for a second and agree with it. So funny! He really likes the idea that there's more scripture than just the Bible. The first time we taught him, we discussed the Book of Mormon and what it is. And then I talked about how the crowning moment in the BoM is when Christ goes and visits the Americas. He DIDN'T believe that. He just straight out told us. "I don't believe that!" So we just asked: Why not? So he thinks about it some more and then said: "I guess it's all possible with the Lord" heheh. And then last night as well, we talked a bit about how General conference is coming up and how the living Prophet will speak to us. He said: You guys have a prophet? We said, yes, he's alive! And then I said "There are Apostles too." He said really? And then I said, yep, 12 of them. Then he did threw his head back again and just laughed. He's already read from the beginning of the BoM until 1 Nep 2. The only thing that makes us sad is that he might be leaving on Wednesday for work because he's a seaman. When they leave for work they LEAVE for 9 months. :( But I don't think he'll ever be the same after listening to the restored gospel. :) haha.

I don't remember what it's like to be normal! We had zone conference this past week, and we had a "test" of sorts from the first chapter of Preach My Gospel. It was WEIRD! The feeling you have while taking a test and thinking really hard. I haven't taken a test in over year! hahah.

I've started reading in the Old Testament. There are some really cool stories in there (and a lot of weird ones too!) I finished Genesis this morning and am in Exodus now. Moses is currently getting owned by Pharoah. But we all know how that's going to turn out. :)

How's your Book of Mormon reading?
Alma is getting back from his mission now!

~the end~


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