Palompon Week 17

We had JohnPaul's baptism this week. :) It was really nice when he gave us his testimony at the end of his baptism. He said that he's been to 3 different churches, but he didn't like the feeling he would get when they would debate. He said this is where he was able to feel peace. :)

President Malit has been recently focusing on not being hesitant to invite people to baptism on the FIRST LESSON! We've been inviting more and more people to baptism as a result. Right now we have 7 people who have agreed to be baptized. The hard part is helping them come to church and the lessons. But they've all said yes! and they have a specific date too. :)

We also spent the first 3 days of the week in Sogod again because we had another LTM (leadership trainers meeting). We had a small amount of training and then we just practiced role-playing a specific part of a lesson. We spent like 6 hours the first day just practicing and evaluating. Wheew.

Next week we also have a one day mission planned where all the members can come with us and we'll all go out and find people in this area called San Miguel. There are no members in that area, so the branch presidency was thinking we could try getting some investigators over there too.

We went to visit one investigator family called the Graciano family. We met them as we were going to someone else's house so we asked if we could teach them. I've been on and off visiting them for 3 months. The kids are mostly the ones who join in, the mom rarely comes. And so we were thinking of dropping them because they don't really progress and the parents aren't really involved in the lessons. So we were going to give them one more chance (again!) and their daughter, Israelita gave the opening prayer. In her prayer she said: I'm so glad that the Sisters come even if it rains or its hot. And I'm glad they come because I get to learn a lot. And I hope that they keep coming. Afterward the lesson, Sister Christianson and I talked to each other and we both said: OKAY! Is that a sign Heavenly Father that we're supposed to come back!? We just laughed at how that one turned out. I just hope Heavenly Father continues to guide us.

We've also been going around this week and making appointments with all the part member families that I can think of. Some of the recent converts, like Juliet, are really freaked out that we're going to be teaching their family! I just hope that it will all turn out well.

The Old Testament is kinda weird. haha.
Love you all! Miss you all! See you soon enough. ;)
~the end~


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