Palompon Week 13

Mom + Dad~
I haven't gotten Dad's handwritten letter yet. I DID get that package of post-its though. I included a picture of them. I just HAD to laugh when I opened the package because I asked for post-its and you sent me almost every type of post-it that they have in the stores! haha. This is just evidence to me that you love me. :)

I remember writing week 13 on my Hilongos email and thinking: AHH I've been here for SO LONG! But now, I feel like everything has passed by sooo much more quickly. I'm almost forgetting what its like to be "normal" with work and school and free time. Haha. There's soooo little free time here. I always have something I need to do.

I wrote about tuba last week, remember? It's funny that that was the topic of my email because later that day we went to go teach our investigator Jovert and everyone in his house was partying because of someone's birthday. Yes there was tuba. Sister Farnworth said something to the effect of: The Spirit's not there if there's tuba too. So we just said we'd see him next week. :(

We were told that Sis Farnworth was transferring. So the next day, she packed her bags and we were just finishing up things and eating our lunch when I heard a vibration in my bag. It was our phone! So I picked it up and our zone leaders said to me: You're training! My first thought was: Oh. Well they didn't tell me that yesterday. So I was like: Okay. I'm training. So I have to go to Tacloban too? And then he told me that I was supposed to be in Tacloban now. At that moment. o_O Soooo. I told Sis Farnworth and we ran around the apartment going: AHHH WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE NOW! I grabbed a bag and put some stuff inside and we left to Tacloban and got there in the evening. The whole ride I was thinking how sad my trainee (aka. anak, or child) must be because her mommy (ie. me) wasn't there. But when we got there that night we found out they weren't separated yet into companionships so Ha. :)

So I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Christianson. She's actually Sis Farnworth's friend from high school! haha. She's told me a lot about her family, that she has 12 people in her family. Her mom went crazy trying to look up Tacloban on the internet and she found a blog from a missionary who is in Tacloban mission right now. HMMM. I WONDER WHO THAT IS. :D The world is just too funny. Or should I say, the internet is funny. SOOO my first couple days of training. It's been interesting so far. Sis Christianson isn't afraid to ask questions, and she's asked a lot. haha. We're starting to do the new training in our companionship study. It was interesting during the first few days of work with her because she expressed how tired she was at the end of the day. It makes me think back a lot to when I first got here and how much I've learned and grown.

Hilongos had a piano, but Palompon has a keyboard. They're both branches. Hilongos is in a district, and Palompon is in a stake. So as soon as Palompon gets enough Priesthood holders and attendance, it could easily be made into a ward. Sister Farnworth was the pianist for the branch, so now that she's transferred there were a couple members who were freaking out wondering who would be the new piano player. haha.

The Sanoy family (2nd counselor) in Palompon Branch just came back from the temple! Yay!! They have a picture of their entire family in front of the temple, all dressed in white! I'm sooo happy for them. They came back and are just glowing. They were already great member missionaries, but now Bro Sanoy just wants everyone to experience the happiness that he felt. :)

October is general conference!! Yay. :)
How's your Book of Mormon reading?

I love you all. I miss you all too. :) I keep you in my prayers.
~the end~


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