Palompon Week 8

Mom & Dad~
I love you!! Eva said that someone at your work asked if you were going to sell your red car, haha! Stewed tomatoes?!
Do you remember my friends Autumn and Zack? They go to singles ward in El Dorado, on Woodruff street. :)
Child Discovery Museum? I actually remember going to one with Tutu and Grandpa. My memory's not very clear, but I remember that fact. :) It might be the same one!
I don't quite understand your entry about Lizzie's ABCs. Does it have something to do with the picture?
Stewed tomatoes every meal? Hahah!!

We will probably be emailing from this time from now on. :) So make sure you give enough time to send me a letter!~ (This email chat has really bad speed connection today. Argh.)
The flies in the Philippines are evil. We got a couple in our apartment this week and they are just so bold! They were literally landing on your food as your are eating it. And they don't move if you wave your hand at them like other flies. They just sit there until you are basically hitting them with a fly swatter, then they fly around and avoid you.

We have a problem with our investigators! They agree with everything that we say! To a point where its trouble because we know they don't REALLY agree/understand it.
We have a couple of investigators who tell us Joseph Smith is a true prophet when we ask them to pray about it. Agoy. (But they haven't prayed yet about it! How do they know he's true? I dunno.)
Filipinos aren't skeptical enough!
We had a lola named Nanay Sevilla who agreed with everything we say! But she's read only a little bit and has NEVER even prayed. And she likes to insert by saying: It's all one Lord, just different ways to get there. (Even though she agreed that there's only 1 true church of God on earth)
Then we taught her daughter who lives down the street. And when we asked her to pray about it, she said: Oh, he's true. Sister Farnworth and I just looked at each other without saying a word. Like Mother, like Daughter I guess...

I took a while to read through your emails, so my email is short today. But I love you all and thanks for the love I get every week in my inbox.

I started reading Mosiah yesterday. How's your Book of Mormon reading? :)

~the end~


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