Palompon Week 6

Jordan has the Loveland chin!! There's also a movie about that Mafia man, Jessie has it. Oh and before I forget, the day after you told me that you saw the Eclipse movie in theaters, I saw it for sale from street vendors in Ormoc, the stake center of our area. Hahaha.
Yay! You got to visit Eva this week!? :) I am jealous.
I love you!!


I love you all so much!! *MUAH*
It was so great getting emails from you and encouragement! :) I have some things I'd like to tell you about here..

JUSTIN CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN! yay!! He's had quite a life-change this past month. The first time we met him, he was all happy and bright and wanted to go to church. When we last visited with him this week (we lost contact for a couple weeks in the meantime) his finance broke up with him, and he hasn't been able to find a job! Agoy! He was telling us how he had no idea what to do now, so we encouraged him to come to church, because even though we wouldn't be able to give him an answer, the Lord can. And then he did come! Ahhh. We're so happy for him. He really gets along well with people and the members.

We also have a Sister named Enie who has come to church 3 times already! In a row! THAT'S AMAZING!! :) She's even started reading the Book of Mormon! We're so excited to teach her again on Tuesday. We're planning on committing her to baptism. :)

I wrote last week how Filipinos are "ulaw" right? Well, there's one thing that they are DEFINITELY not ulaw about. And that is singing at the very top of their voice, no matter how badly, on street-side videoke. (Cheaper versions of Karaoke). Only 5 pesos for 3 songs. There's also a culture difference here where the Filipinos LOVE dance groups. They had TV shows of people competing with their dance groups. A couple times when we were coming home from appointments, we'd see a dance group on the street starting their practice. Filipinos love to dance and watch other people dance. :) (Oh and they also have TV shows of people guessing the tune from videoke songs with the first 5 notes only...) They really like videoke and dancing. Haha.

The 'L' thing that our BML was doing, is the thing people do in pictures. In Korea/Japan/China everyone does the 'V' sign right? In the Philippines, they do the L thing. It means "Gwapo/Gwapa" ahha. :)

Working in a branch has given me so much appreciation for my ward back home. There are a lot of hardworking people who really magnify their calling and the strength is so strong. Here, I can see the people working so hard, but because there are so much fewer, it is harder as a branch. I can see more of the full scape of the Church and members and people of all stages of backgrounds.

The goals in our mission here are insane!! 20 Lessons with Members, 20 lessons to recent converts or less actives, 6 baptisms a month, 20 new investigators a week! It's a little overwhelming! X_x Occasionally we've made the goals of one or two, but to make them all would be a miracle. But I believe in miracles... :)

How's your Book of Mormon reading going? I'm in the Isaiah chapters in 2nd Nephi. Agoy... :S
~the end~


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