Palompon Week 7

Have fun using my car. ;)

Mom & Dad~
I love you!!!

I DID get your email, don't worry. Haha. Actually I think I might have gotten it in the actual letter before the email. But I did get to read it. :) Haha, salamat (thanks) for the letters <3

Agay means ow. Agoy can be used in the same way. But it's been used in a sort of "Yeesh" kind of way. Haha. It's just language stuff that meshes into my brain that I don't want to bother filtering out when I email. Hehe. I printed off your talk last week and read it. It was so good! :) I'm really happy that you are feeling more comfortable in giving talks. It's really actually kind of fun now (having so much practice on the mission... hahaha..)

I sent you an email. ;)

Transfers have been answered! And I am still here with Sis. Farnworth in Palompon. :)

What's Loratdine? We have a member asking what kind of medicine it is and I dunno.

We eat lots of kinds of fruit here in the Philippines. I've had guavano, which is like a super sweet gelatinous mass thing. And this other fruit is in season now, that looks like a small oval spiky ball. There's a red and yellow variety. There's also jackfruit, which looks like a giant puffball fruit thing. And that really smelly one that I mentioned before. They also have watermelon and fuji apples (expensive) and mangos. But it seems like mangos aren't as much in season anymore, so they're getting more expensive now.

Justin came to church again!! He REALLY does feel a difference when he's at church. He says that he feels refreshed after he comes to church. We committed him to baptism this month too. They only thing we're really worrying about is trying to teach him twice a week so we can finish all the lessons beforehand. :P

We also taught one investigator, Mayann Mabini and two new members, Gary and Juliet. This week was pretty fun with lessons because we had them teach US the lessons. Mayann wasn't even prompted, she just started teaching us everything that she remembered and it was amazing! Sis Farnworth and I were just looking at each other and smiling during the lesson because of her teaching us! xD

On another lesson, Juliet was having a blast because we basically told her it was her turn to be a missionary. She just started snickering while she was teaching us and we were pretending to be investigators. "What's the Book of Mormon? That's your bible right?" She loves a challenge. xD

How's your Book of Mormon reading going? ;P I got past 2nd Nephi yay! Now I'm in Jacob. :)

~the end~


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