May 17, 2010 Hilongos Week 19

I've included some pictures of our trip to the caves here in Hilongos. There are a lot of bats there! (It smells!) And on the way, we saw lots of monkeys!!

I also included a picture of Julius, our recent convert. He really wanted to speak at Agnes' baptism, but had a really bad fever this week! :( It was so sad seeing him lying on a bed and barely being able to speak. He's usually so perky.

News: I am staying in Hilongos for at least one more transfer (just like you wanted, Eva :P) Now I get to see the baptisms of our investigators this month!! :) Christopher and Janice are an interesting couple here. When we taught them, Tupe (Chris's nickname) was immediately touched in his heart. Even though at the time, I couldn't understand what he was saying, I could tell that he meant he felt something in his heart (burning bosom, methinks?). He's been progressing ever since. He even reads the Gospel Principles manual and looks up all the references in it back to the Book of Mormon!! Janice has come a long way from before. It's funny how I always feel surprised at investigator's answers when we have the interview preparatory for baptism. They couldn't be baptized at first, because they are in a "live-in" situation. Here in the Philippines its VERY difficult to get an annulment. (There are no divorces) Mostly because annulments are expensive and lengthy. So it's quite common to have a married (but separated) person living with a new partner. Because of that, they couldn't be baptized at first. But because they've been attending church for a while, and have the intent to stay together as a family, they can be baptized. (But they cannot go to the temple :[)

We had a CSP (Community service project) this last Saturday. We went around the main street and removed election posters that had been put up. Elections were this last May 10. Apparently the new Philippines president is Noynoy Alquino? The street looks alot less commercialized now. :)

Reasons I am now a Filipina:
1) My favorite sud-an (rice topping) right now is fried fish. So plain and simple and yummy! It's way different than fried fish in america. They take the whole fish (because its only about 6 inches long) and salt it, and cook it in oil until its crunchy! Eat it with soy sauce / vinegar!!
2) I am now much more brown than before. Literally. Because of the CSP we had recently, I was able to get a very large amount of sun.
3) My hair is longer now. The standard for long hair here is MUCH longer than in America. And of course, that re-bond (straight perm) that I had a while ago helps. The beauty here is white skin, tall nose, black and very straight hair.

I'm continuing to memorize scripture mastery scriptures right now. It's actually a LOT more easier than I thought it would be. Maybe there's a certain special gift for learning that comes with the missionary calling.
Alma 41:10 Wickedness never was Happiness
2 Nep 28:7-9 Eat drink and be merrry = foolish doctrine
~the end~


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