May 10, 2010 Hilongos Week 18

I never properly said thank you for all of your efforts in sending me
my CDs. :) These will last me a long while for many Sundays and
mission days to come! <3

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Birthday Emily and Lizzie <3

The mother's day phone call last night was actually at 12 midnight.
haha I put the phone next to my bed so that if you did call, it would
wake me up. :) But I didn't know what time it was when you called,
except that it was past 11 until I looked at the clock afterward.
Hearing voices is so much cooler than email. It shows so much more
personality and emotion. :)

Today is election day in the Philippines. We've been hearing campaign
music for the past month in cars that drive around with the local
candidates. Everyone asks us who we're going to vote for, but I have
to remind them that I'm not a citizen. ;) Sister Malicdem says she's
going to vote for Sister Loveland.

I'm not actually going to go TO the Cebu temple for the dedication,
even though it's really close. 200 pesos (about $4) and 5 hours and I
can be there from Hilongos. ;) But of course, that would interrupt
the work here and Cebu is a different mission anyway. But I'm excited
for the dedication because this is the first time I'll be attending

We're here with the Zone Leaders because we had lunch at a members
house, and she taught me how to cook Curry Chicken with Coconut milk.
Lami!! (Yummy!) And they said they were going to receive information
about transfers right now, so we're waiting on that. :)
S. Malicdem taught me how to make yummy fried fish during this
transfer, so I'm almost completely Filipina now. I also keep learning
Tagalog from her, because she uses a lot of Tagalog. And just two
days ago I realized that Sister Malicdem actually uses very little
English, but I never noticed until now because I've been able to
understand her speaking Cebuano-English to me (aka, Bisglish, because
Cebuano is also known as Bisaya here)

How's your Book of Mormon reading going? Our scripture mastery this
week is 2 Nep 28:7-9. It's a long one! :)

I love you all so much! :) Bye-byeee~
~the end~


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