May 3, 2010 Hilongos Week 17

I noticed Elizabeth's haircut because of the blog posts that you
forwarded to me. There was a picture of Elizabeth, and her hair
looked conspicuously short.
And I thought that your comment about knowing what everything tastes
like was funny. I remember one time when we went to Jamba Juice and
they had that wheat-grass drink. We decided to try it to see what it
tasted like, and it tasted exactly like what I thought grass would
taste like. (Not yummy) The smell probably has something to do with

Last Tuesday, we went to Tacloban city (the headquarters of the
mission) because a large amount of recent American missionaries had to
go and get finger-printed for our re-newing of Visas. So I was able
to see a good amount of missionaries that I had met in the MTC. :) And
I got to see Sister Dustin again! <3 Sister Dustin is already
training a new american sister, and she's only on her 4th transfer!!
If I had to do that, I would die. :S But who knows, at the end of
this transfer, that might happen, I'll be in the same shoes as her
when she started. ;P

I haven't had to learn Waray-Waray yet, but there's still a good
amount of time for that to happen... Sister Malicdem has been
assigned in Cebuano areas her whole mission so far (9 months). That's
pretty rare, because Cebuano is only about 1/3rd of the mission. The
other 2/3rds are Waray-Waray or something else.

I washed my clothes by hand again today~ My hands had pretty much
healed enough to where it didn't hurt, but it was laundry day again,
so of course i have some new spots that are rather raw. But it's not
as bad as last week! :D So it'll just get better from now on.

Sitting like a Filipino is hard! They manage to like... squat with
their heels on the floor. If I ever try to do it, I fall down.
Learning how to do that would come in hand in the event that there's
no chairs.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your clothes after you give to
the thrift shop? If they aren't sold in the thrift shop, it appears
that it's sold by the kilo to the people in the Philippines! And then
they have these large stands which is basically Filipino thrift stores
called Okay-Okay (pronounced Okai-Okai). The word means to like...
shuffle through, because you have to look through all the clothes in
the piles before you find a good one to buy. But they're cheap!
Woot~ Except for the purses, because the purses at D.I. are only 50
cents. :) Here, the items are usually about $1 or $0.75 equivalent in

One thing I've learned as a missionary is how to learn how to speak in
public... almost on the spot. Ahhh! Sister Malicdem keeps getting
assigned to do that. Either because she's newer here, so the members
want to pick her, or because our Heavenly Father thinks she needs the
experience. ;P

Julius was baptized! He's been waiting for so long! :D He sure is a
joker-joker, but when it comes to knowing about the gospel, he is
amazing! He surprises us every time when he stands to give a
testimony because it comes out so sincere. :)
We have 4 (Irinia, Christopher, Janice, Agnes) more people who will
probably be baptized this month, (May 15) but we're not sure if I'm
going to transfer or not cuz I've been here for 3 transfers. Sister
Malicdem's "discernment" is that I will transfer. Haha, but if I
transfer, that means I will have 4 companions in 4 transfers! So I'm
not really sure about the likelihood of that.

Cebu temple dedication is so close!! June 13!! YAY. I'm really
excited to get a dedication ticket!!

I've started memorizing the scripture masteries because Pres. Malit
asked us to pick 100 scriptures, and since I never finished seminary,
I figured I should pick those ones. :) Today I worked on Ether 12:27
and 3 Nep 11:29 and can almost recite them perfectly~ :D
~the end~


J-me Pikman May 3, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

Ok..... By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just started a new contest called Mama's day out!

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