March 8, 2010 Hilongos Week 9

I did get the valentines day package. I was surprised because it was
a really hot day, and when I opened the package half of the gummy
bears in one of the bags had melted into a large colorful gelatiness
mass. :P

At least if Katie is going to stay with you, you will have someone to
be with sometimes. :)
And I wanted to ask you to send me burned CDs of music that you
liked/think would be mission appropriate to listen to. I trust your
judgement. I think I'd like best two years, for one. :D

Hi everyone! More questions~

"You would be just starting into fall over there pretty soon wouldn't
you? So in a few months you'll be going into winter, right? Your
seasons are reversed from ours correct?"
I suppose that's the way that it's figured out. But it seems like
over here there's only hot season and rainy season. And I don't think
they're very specific to time. If it's hot, they just say its El

"So how was Zone Conference? Did you have to travel to get there? Are
you the only missionaries in Hilongos? How far away are the nearest
other missionaries?"
Zone conference was so small this time! We only had 16 missionarys,
two zones, for the one that we attended this week. S. Taunan and I
are the only missionarys in Hilongos. The other missionarys are
fairly near it's not too difficult to meet them.

"Do people ask to touch your hair?"
No, not really. My hair doesn't look very soft, being all frizzy and
things. But I'm actually probably going to get it straightened next
week. :P We'll see how it goes~ I actually think the Philipina's
hair looks so much softer than mine. <3

I don't have alot of time this week because we had an activity at some
waterfalls in Bato, the city next to us this week. I'll send pictures
next week! Love you all <3

DID YOU READ YOUR Book of Mormon?!

~the end~


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