March 22, 2010 Hilongos Week 11

It takes really long for packages to get here because we only get to
pick them up once every 6 weeks, during zone conferences. (When all
the missionaries in certain areas meet together for training from the
mission president) So it may get here quickly... but I end up waiting
for it anyway eh heh... I'm including a picture of what happened to
the gummy bears mom sent me. :)

Cebu is actually REALLY CLOSE. Only a 5 hour boat/car ride. Which is
actually really really close. Because Cebu is another island. Haha.
Hahahaha Morgan wore red on St. Patrick's day. :D

You will have to have Jessie send me pictures when the bathroom is
done. Or of the house/gate. You sure have a lot of projects in mind.
=X As for the food in the Philippines... yum! Of course! Today we
ate Chicken Curry for lunch. It's a sweet curry and not spicy at all,
made with coconut milk. :) I'm lucky S. Taunan knows how to cook.
If you tell Emily or Jessie that you want to watch Twilight, just have
one of them be in charge of borrowing/renting it.

I'm attaching a LOT of pictures <3

Some of them are from when we went to "Big Momma Mary", which is
basically a giant Catholic statue of Mary on top of a rather large
hill. The scenery of the city below is Maasin, it's not Hilongos
where I'm assigned.

Some other ones are from when we went to the waterfalls the next week.
My personal study time here doesn't always include a waterfall in the
background. ;) We washed some banana tree leaves that were nearby on
a tree, dumped rice and fish/pork on them and ate with our hands!!
>:D It was pretty awesome~ As you can see, those pictures were when
my hair was 'all natural' and curly.

But like I mentioned last week, I got my hair done and it's now
permanently straight. I'm SO happy because now I'm "gwapa" all the
time now with no effort. ;) I've included a hair-flying fan picture
than S. Taunan tried to sneak into which made a great picture. <3

There's also this one bridge that is over a river that leads into the
ocean that we pass occasionally on the way to an investigators house.
Almost every time we pass it in a truck, (its far, so we always ride
there) I hold ready with my camera, hoping that THIS will be the time
I get a great shot. :P

I finished reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage! HOLY MOLY
it's a very large book.
My next goal is to finish the BoM (I'm in Helaman, so I'm close!) and
then I'll start on the New Testament.

Guess what though! I'm completely fluent in Cebuano now!!

Just kidding. :S
I usually get my message across, but It's hard to understand people exactly.

We had a good investigator, a tatay named Martin. He was a very kind
old man and he would read the assignments we gave. His wife was nice
to us as well, but after we met her she told us she doesn't want to
listen because she's Baptist. It's the first time someone's actually
said that to me. (so far... I'm certain it'll happen later too xD)
Usually the people just hide and pretend they aren't there. But it's
kind of nice, so you don't have to worry if they're hiding or if
they're just hard to get a hold of. :P

And I drank out of a coconut! Hahaha. It was strange.

Next week is the start of new transfers again! And my companion will
leave me... again. I will probably be assigned in Hilongos... again.
hahaha. I hope I don't end up staying here for 8 months like Sister
Holden did though... :S Or maybe I do want to stay here that long.
I'm scared of having to learn Waray-waray.

Alma 16:14 - Teach to everyone!!
Alma 32:6-7 - And then... focus on those who are ready to hear the message!

~the end~


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