March 1, 2010 Hilongos Week 8

Questions from Eva. :)

Are there ever any hurricanes or other scary things like that?
Apparently we had an earthquake somewhere in Letye just this past
weekend. So we were told not to go near the beaches because of big
waves. But I haven't noticed anything, we only knew of that report
because President Malit txted it to us. (Yes, we have a missionary
cell phone :P)

I hope your house is not made of straw. ;-) Do you feel like you are
on "other side of heaven?"
Our house is made out of cement and its actually pretty nice. The
nicest houses have tile flooring instead of plain cement. We have
tile flooring and a little bathroom and a fridge.

Are you allowed to eat fish?
Fish is well... pretty commonplace. Yeah I eat fish. :P

Today we went to a place in Maasin called the shrine for big Mama
Mary. It's literally a chapel on top of a large hill with a giant
statue of Mary on it. I have pictures that I will send later.

Zone conference is this Tursday! So I might be able to get my
Valentine's Day package. :)

Christopher and Janice are continuing to progress! Christopher has to
contact his wife in Manila so they can separate (they haven't had
contact for 4 or 5 years already) so he can properly marry Janice.
He's soooo willing to keep commitments and live righteously! It's
usually a big hassel (and requires money) to be separated, so it's
commonplace for a "live-in" situation.
We also had NINE investigators come to church this week! NINE! Our
gospel principles classroom is small, but we managed to fit 9
investigators, us two, and several new converts in for the lesson. If
there had been even 2 more people I think we would have had to go into
a bigger room. It makes me happy because I told S. Holden before she
left that I had a goal to have so many people in the classroom that we
would need to use a bigger one. ;)
Another investigator that we have was a surprise. He's attended
church 4 times already. S. Taunan and I thought he was a member!
Hahaha! So of course, we immediately made appointments with him so
that we could start teaching him ASAP. :) His name is Julius and he
had been attending the Youth class instead of Gospel Essentials, which
is why we thought he was a member. He also attends seminary! Yeesh!

We met a sister who is a Catholic equivalent of a seminary teacher a
couple days ago. She was very um... forward in her proclamation of
how she only believes in God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy
Ghost. I responded "Bitaw" which is like "True!" but I think she
has a misperception of what LDS believe. I think she was under the
impression that we worship Joseph Smith because we said he was a
modern day prophet. She was gone before a proper conversation could
happen though. Yes, we believe in prophets, the same way that we
believe in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. But we don't worship
prophets, because they are esteemed only as servants of the true
subject of our worship, God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy
Spirit, the Godhead.

Alma 40: What happens after we die?
~the end~


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