December 16, 2009

HELLO once again my dear family and friends! <3

I LOVE YOU DEAR. I'M SO SORRY I didn't mention your letter that I got last week. I thought you would be happy to know that more than once in your letter I laughed out loud. :) You're so funny. I was really happy when I was reading it <3

The memory cards that I need for my camera are Memory Stick Pro Duo. That ENTIRE phrase. Its just a bit bigger than an SD card. It needs a adaptor in order to be used as a Memory stick. Apparently its the same ones used in PSPs. I think Jessie or Ian or even Jack might be able to help you make sure its the right one. If you put money in my account, would you be able to check the balance for me? I have a record of it here, but I want to double check it to make sure I have it right or didn't forget anything.
Last night, Sister Philips (Who is the wife of one of the counselers of the branch presidency, and is somewhat acting as a MTC mother) was asking one of the sisters if they knew the Peads. So I was like: oh... that's my Mom's maiden name. So then she mentioned Star Valley and I was like: My mom's ancestors founded Star Valley. So she says: Shut up! Shut up! :P She's a very funny lady who has been there for us in case we need any love. So she wanted to ask if you know Brian and Corleann Pead (I don't know if that's their proper spelling) and if you've ever had square ice cream in Swan Valley.

Thanks for being the Sister Loveland postal service. ;) I want to hear all the updates with Elizabeth and the new baby. AND I THINK IT'D BE COOL IF YOU WERE A TEACHER. I'm so happy that you have something to work towards! <3
Oh, and my feet are slowly not turning black anymore. Now it's a grey color. I think the baking soda might have been the culprit, messing up the dye or something in the shoe. >_<

I CAN'T WAIT FOR PICTURESSSS. Make sure to take some when Zoey's born. Month by month updates would be cool too~ ;)

I love you!! I'd love to see some pictures if you set up the Christmas tree this year. I know that's one of your favorite parts at Christmas time.

This week has been a lot of whirlwind. We had our first teaching appointment completely in Cebuano. So we used our very broken and slow Cebuano speak to teach. :O It is actually getting a bit easier to understand what our teachers are saying in Cebuano. I'm just a little overwhelmed because I don't think I'm managing to remember all of the vocab. We're supposed to study at least 20 vocab words a day, but it doesn't seem to work too well when I keep forgetting some. (INSANE!)
I'm also working on memorizing Joseph Smith's first vision translated into Cebuano.

Sunday's Devotional was the BYU Men's Chorus. It was AMAZING. I am definitely going to get a CD or two or three when I come home. It's a lot of special things going on now because its nearing Christmastime. I'm still crossing my fingers that the devotional next week will be the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. ;) Also, it turned out that the Elders sitting in front of Sister Kim and I were going to the Long Beach Mission. They might be stopping by once they get into the area in January so they can teach a lesson. :)

I'm giving the closing prayer in Devotional next week. o.O That's interesting to say the least. If Thomas S. Monson really DOES come then OH MY GOSH! I can say I gave the closing prayer at the devotional he spoke at!
Yesterday I recieved a christmas box from the Los Alamitos Ward. Oh MY GOSH it was so big and full of love! I spent a good amount of time this morning just looking through the cards and ALL THE CANDY they sent. There's no way I'm going to be able to eat all of that. Lots of sharing will be involved!

OH MY DEAR FRIENDS. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ADDRESSES ON DEARELDER.COM. Whenever I get an urge to send a letter I end up having to have Eva get them for me, and then that takes another week. Blah. IF YOU EVER WANT A LETTER... then you know what to do. ;)

We will be probably getting our flight plans for the Philippines next week. ACK!

I was also called up this week in Sacrament Meeting to give a talk. Every week we're supposed to prepare a 5 minute talk in the event that we're called up as the speaker. So I was picked this week! I gave a talk on Faith and what it really is. I know a lot of people don't understand faith, so I really wanted to understand it a bit better. Faith is a hope in things which are unseen but true. Faith is a confidence that is built after acting and understanding that God DOES work miracles and He answers your prayers. Faith is not blind obedience. It is a result of believing in God and acting on that belief.

My time is nearly up, so I need to say goodbye. I love you all dearly and I think of your love. I'm so grateful to be here doing this work. I've grown so much as a person and as a child of God. I'll be writing again next week. <3


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