Dec 2, 2009


Do we have someone in the family named Chester on Dad's side? There's an Elder Loveland that I met here and I don't know if we're related. :) If you can send me a 3 or 4 generation pedigree chart, that'd be really cool!~

Can you do me a favor and mail me a couple of nice family photos? :) I want to laminate a couple so that I'll be able to show the people in the Philippines who my family is!~ I think the pictures we took last Christmas might be really good ones. :D

Funny that you said that I'll have less time to study in the mission field. BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE I DONT HAVE ENOUGH TIME NOW. AHHH.

This week has gone by a lot slower than the other weeks I think. It seems like everyone in the MTC is sick. My companions are both sick, Sister Lew just got sick and Sister Kim just got over being sick. Security had to escort me to Rite Aid with some other sisters so we could go to the Pharmacy and I could get some perscription cough syrup. It was really weird being around and near BYU when I'm not actually attending school there. I kinda miss being a YSA there, but THIS IS CRAZY STUFF HAPPENING.

Sister Lew asked me this morning what I was most excited about in going to the Philippines. I thought about it only for a moment, becuase I already had my answer. Sister Lilywhite and Brother Morrey are always raving about the people in the Philippines. They say that they're the most hospitible and loving people on the earth. One thing that Bro. Morrey has said is that there is NO sarcasm in the Philippines. They love corny jokes, but sarcasm isn't there. It sounds very sincere.

When practicing teaching this week a couple times have gone really well, and a couple times haven't gone so well. It's helping me improve in teaching, but the times that the practice doesn't go well, I feel like I let them down. It really makes me want to make sure I prepare well so that I can have the Spirit with me. I don't want to let anyone down in the Philippines. :S

Elder Tapusoa was put into quarentine on Friday because he caught the flu. So now our district only has 3 people in it. @_@ We're SHRINKING!! Elder Treadway said that it's like we're on Survivor, District 7C edition. Outteach, Outlive, Outlast.

Another district is leaving next week. It's funny to be staying here so long that you see other districts come and go. The other districts in our branch are English speaking, so they only stay for 3 weeks in the MTC. Another district will be coming soon, and we'll be leaving just as they are. A new Cebuano district is supposed to be coming in on December 8th or something. I think there's going to be a Sister in that district, so they may be switching my companionship. Except that Sister Lew is leaving next week. :( She's been here for like 10 weeks already learning Cantonese. Sister Kim is the ONLY person in her district, so she's been getting one-on-one teaching and learning Cantonese really quickly and been hanging out with the older Cantonese district. When Elder Tapusoa was going to the doctor the other Elders left with him, so Sister Lilywhite just taught me. And then i had to do the weekly teaching appointment BY MYSELF! I was stressed. I learned a lot from that session though. I don't think I'll ever feel ready to leave the MTC. I think that even when coming home from my mission, I'll feel like I'm not ready to be perfect in teaching. Because no one ever will be! @_@

I love you all so much! Thanks for the love and support you've given me.

P.S. Jeffrey R. Holland came and spoke to us for Thanksgiving. Oh ho ho. He answered questions that we submitted the week previous. But he only got to answer 4 or 5 of them.



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