Nov 18, 2009


The MTC is amazing! The first couple of days were really intense, but I'm much more into the schedule now. Every moment is scheduled, and there is so much to do.

I've been feeling so uplifted that everything just confirms to me that I need to be here.

I've learned a bunch of Cebuano already, but there is SO much to learn.
I'm the only sister missionary in my district, so I have to hang out with Elders all the time during class. I have a wonder sister companion named Sister Dustin in the residence hall. We get to hang out more during P-day and Sunday, which are awesome.

We get to go to the temple today, and I'm so excited. It feels like so long ago that I was reporting to the MTC and being shuffled around. So much has been packed into every day.

We're doing our first teaching assignment tomorrow, and I'm scared out of my mind. x_x We're going to be greeting them in Cebuano and then teaching the lesson about the Restoration of the Church in English.

I have to go now, I spent most of my time emailing family. Remember if you want to send me a letter, is THE way to go. It's SO AMAZING. I'm lucky that I'm able to be on a mission with that website available to me.

Love you all! Bye bye~


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I am a LDS sister missionary serving in the Philippines Tacloban area. I made this blog so that I may share my experiences with my friends and loved ones and anyone who may need to hear my story. My sister will be updating this blog with letters that I'll be writing home.