February 15, 2010 Week 6 Hilongos

I got the emails!! WOOO. (The
last one is my TRAINER! YAY. Email them the website for the blog too
plz?) 10 pages a day is reading the entire BoM in 6 weeks! AHH. I
tried that in the MTC but I didn't finish all of it yet. :S

I'm glad that Zoey's working out right now. :) I think that part of
it might be because you have more experience feeding the baby and
everything that makes it a little easier. I like that you wrote about
how Zoey's growing now. I'm trying to imagine it in my head. :)
We're not SUPPOSED to eat balut, so I'm not sure if I'll want to even

~Nanoy, Mila, Ian, or a Philippino person
Can we buy pilit in America? To make biko? Apparently the dessert's
Tagalog name is malakit. I've never eaten it at Mila's house so I

Oh Mom! It takes 1-2 months
for a package to get to a missionary here. So I might not see the
package for a while if you sent it recently. YAY I'M GETTING A
PACKAGE!! I'm okay on money. I'll email you if I'm running low or

get them later tonight! GEEZE. That's like the last possible minute
to give it to us! (I'm ranting because I don't know if I'm staying in
this area or if I have to pack. We think that I'm staying but... I
don't want to just ASSUME. Of course Sis. Holden is packing
everything up.)

It's actually really easy to get investigators here. At least with
two Amerikana missionaries, EVERYONE wants to talk to you. The hard
part is being able to know when people are actually interested in your
message. If my next companion is Pinay, then we'll see how it
changes. I've had a great companion so far. I just wonder if / hope
I wont get someone crazy to follow-up train me. :S

Loriano was baptised! And he was confirmed on Sunday!!! He seems
happy. But one of the best parts is that his brother, Patrico Beltran
gave a short testimony after his baptism. Patrico actually performed
the baptism. He started to tear up a bit as he said afterwards how he
was so happy that his brother was with him in the gospel. At least I
think he said that. (Limited Cebuano) But I could feel what he was
trying to say! Because I could feel his love and happiness. :)

We have another investigator named Feliciana. She's an older woman
who runs a tindahan. She is really cute because when she came to the
fireside, she stood up and asked: "Where's the truth!?" (Asa ang
kamatuoran!?) And this week in sunday school we talked about how to
pray, and that we shouldn't pray to anything other than our Heavenly
Father. She realized that all of her saints that she owns (Catholic)
are images, and she realized that praying to saints is not how God
teaches us to pray. The best part is that she connected it herself,
and no one had to explain it to her! AHH so proud!

Alma 17:15 God reaches out to everyone
Alma 20:26 Love and service show your pure intentions
~the end~


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